A Sitting Target

I am in the kitchen. Nothing wrong with that – many people work from the kitchen table – but I try to avoid it at all costs. It makes me a sitting target. I am too accessible and I don’t like it. I fight distraction on a daily basis and I don’t need to make things worse for myself. I honestly don’t know how other people do it. Or do they?

Are they really working from the kitchen table? It seems the worst place of all to work.

Carpets are being fitted upstairs today so once again I have been on the move. I’m not sure that I will get very much done – but I’m prepared to give it a go.

For my own preference I like to shut myself away in another room to work. The kitchen is the hub of the house these days and the fashion for open plan living gains in popularity. We live that way ourselves. But I can’t work in the hub. I like to hide away in a bedroom or shed and keep distractions to a minimum. Over the past few weeks I’ve been able to work with the noise of drills and hammering a constant cacophony in the background. I can do that. Who knew!

But the kitchen is a no-no for me despite this new revelation, and for a myriad of reasons but one figures higher than any other.

The kettle is in the kitchen – and the positive in this case does not outweigh the negative. Not when you have tradesmen coming and going. I’m in the kitchen, I am the closest to the kettle, there are constant requests for tea and coffee. It’s cold outside. I feel torn.


Should I switch off the electricity or just learn to say NO?

Would that make me rude?

Am I being unreasonable?

What is being reasonable anyway?

I’m thinking about being reasonable a lot lately because the protagonist in my novel is thinking about it too.

And I am wondering – what would Kate do?

Just going to make myself a cup of tea while I think about that.

So how did it go?

Surprise, surprise! I managed to quiet quite a lot done at the kitchen table after all. And I didn’t have to disconnect the electric.

What a revelation. It’s possible after all. Which just goes to show that you shouldn’t knock it until you’ve tried it. Not that I’ll keep it up. It feels like work is too much of my life if I work there. It’s good to be able to shut things away when you’ve finished a day’s work and draw a line under it. But I did get quite a lot done.

I think it made the disruptions more minor and for shorter time periods. I put the kettle on and worked while it boiled. Made the drinks and took them out and got back to my computer in no time at all.

Is that being reasonable?

Or time efficient?

Or productive?

Or a waitress?

It can be so many things can’t it, depending on your perspective.

I am choosing to be productive. I’ve come to realise that if it works don’t over analyse – just do it!





4 Thoughts on “A Sitting Target

  1. This post made me smile! I have been going through exactly the same experience with my writing while building work was progressing. In the end, I set up tea and coffee for the workmen and told them to help themselves. Meanwhile, I went to my study to work. But the mess!!!!

    • Oh, the mess! I have become expert at ignoring it now, Jessica. Sometimes there have been up to 16 people on site and to have them all troop in and out would be more distraction than I can handle. I have amazed myself at how much work I can do with all this going on around me though. It’s amazing how you can adapt if you want to. It’s been a revelation!

  2. I sympathise and also smiled. I’ve been working in the doorway of the utility room for some time, the only space free. We have been doing up my flat for three years! My brother said the other day, it’s like the First World War: you keep saying it will be over by Christmas. And since we began in 2014 it would be nice if silence fell around the time of the 100th anniversary of the Armistice. In time for next Christmas …

    Great you can get something done, Tracy. Trying it is the only way and once you’re in the flow, it’s surprisingly how you stop noticing other people and sounds. Drilling, electric saws, sanding … I wear earplugs if I have to when the noise is too much. And have also been known to resort to the library, but that’s no haven of peace these days.

    • You have until November then, Maria. Keep me posted!

      I am amazed at how much I have been able to get done during this chaotic time. It’s been a gift in itself. I’m probably more productive – and adaptable-now than I have ever been. There’s always a silver lining.
      I have earphones but keep packing them away whenever I have to ship up and ship out and then forget to get them out again. Off the the builders’ yard for supplies – not for me of course but got to keep them working 😉

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