At last! The round peg finds the round hole.

view of turret with no stairs

It seems such a long time since I last posted on my blog, probably because it is. The last time Read More →

The Waterway Girls by Milly Adams – Blog Tour

War Lands them in the same boat. Can they all pull together? I’m thrilled to welcome Milly Adams to my Read More →

Moving House – Moving Memories


I’ve just  finished reading Venetia Road by Patricia Putt Nicoll. Pat lives in Colehill, Dorset and contributed some of her Read More →

At Long Last Love – An Interview with Milly Adams


At Long Last Love It’s July 1942, and twenty-three year old nightclub singer Kate Watson has made a home for Read More →

How to make your dreams come true

When my little sister was littler still she liked coming home from school for her lunch. I say lunch because Read More →

When words are not enough – The Power of Touch

On-Marriage - Mum and Dad

    Last year I heard Terry Waite speak at Sherborne Literary Festival.  He spoke of the time when he was Read More →

Look closely. What do you see?

Are you looking closely? So, what do you see? All old lady? A smiling woman? A vibrant girl? A woman Read More →

How I stopped getting distracted by social media

Ah ha- did that get your attention? I hoped it would, although I do hope you’re not meant to be Read More →

It’s just not Cricket – it’s poetry too!

  Thinking of my dad today as is my habit since he died.  He loved words, loved poetry and could quote Read More →

Why you need a notebook – Writing Short Stories

Last week one of my short stories was published in My Weekly magazine in the UK. The title was Waiting Read More →