It’s Not about the Food Cake Tour 2017

I couldn’t face a book tour so I settled on a cake tour. I’ll be sharing photographs of my travels, meeting up with other authors and professionals, friends old and new and other parents whose children are recovering from eating disorders.

Food is to be enjoyed, as is the company of good friends. Those I already know and those I’ve yet to meet. For a long time food was not of interest to me, I ate because I needed fuel but nothing more. Now I’m making up for lost time!

With Helen Baggott at Sweet Pea in Sturminster Newton, Dorset, UK. Helen is a proofreader, copy editor and self-publishing midwife.

Meeting with writer Carol Waterkeyn at the Beacon Coffee Shop, Ferndown. We both enjoyed a piece of¬†orange and lemon slice. Home-made, gluten free and no calories – well, I may have lied a bit there, but not so you’d notice. Carol has recently published a children’s book,¬†Magic in the Attic.

A second attempt!

I have to confess to a little overindulgence as far as these photos were concerned. I met with Sally Boyce a month earlier and we enjoyed a slice or two of cake. When I got home I realised that the photos hadn’t turned out as I had hoped so we rescheduled. How we suffered, enjoying yet another helping of the Zuchinni and Pistachio cake on offer.

Sally is empowering young girls with her U Want Me 2 Do What? project and you can discover more about her workshops at