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Wedding Anniversaries – some are better than others


  It’s our anniversary today, not that we ever make a note of it. We never exchange cards, flowers, or Read More →

Look closely. What do you see?

Are you looking closely? So, what do you see? All old lady? A smiling woman? A vibrant girl? A woman Read More →

Poldark – flawed hero

I have resisted joining in the furoreĀ over the Poldark rape scene. Did he force himself on her? Did she let Read More →

Holding up the Ceiling – Part Two

Holding up the ceiling part two

It’s been a busy week – as usual – and I find myself lacking a blog post. In the spirit Read More →

On Marriage – Holding up the Ceiling

Tom & Joan Wedding

Some years ago now my step-son and his wife asked me to read a poem at their wedding. I trawled Read More →