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At last! The round peg finds the round hole.

view of turret with no stairs

It seems such a long time since I last posted on my blog, probably because it is. The last time Read More →

The Critic at your Shoulder


I have a friend, a student of mine, who is writing her life story. Some days she struggles, as we Read More →

Dancing with Paintbrushes – Bump Start Creativity

Dancing with Paintbrushes

How to Bump Start your Creativity Today I have been dancing with paintbrushes – much safer than wolves, don’t you Read More →

Writing and The Art of Being Yourself

Tracy and her mum

 When I first began writing  I wrote straight from the heart. I wrote about my family, the things  I loved, Read More →

My Friend Bill


Many years ago, when I was a young mum, I joined a writing class. I was desperate for some support Read More →

Mothers, Movies and Stories


  I flicked the TV on last week in time to catch  the end of I Remember Mamma with Irene Read More →

Writing Short Stories – Setting

Moving on to setting. We need to paint a picture, give the reader of our story a sense of place. Read More →

Write or Clean – the writers’ dilemma?


Write or clean? – you’d think it was a no brainer wouldn’t you. Well, not in my house. Not for Read More →

Start where you are

‘Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you Read More →

A Place to Write

As the week comes to a close my actual writing output has been virtually nil. Well, that’s not quite true. Read More →